Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Today's Coffee Break is Brought to You By ........

Today's coffee break is brought to you by ... Mr Kipling who apparently 'makes exceedingly good cakes'!

A package of Mr Kipling's Strawberry Fancies popped through my letter box today (they did get a bit crushed) and it was a pleasant surprise.

Most of the time I do prefer to make my own, also exceedingly good, cakes but now and then a Mr Kipling is a nice treat.

His Strawberry Fancies are a strawberry flavour sponge with a soft fondant icing covering a vanilla topping and are baked with free range eggs and don't contain any artificial colours or flavourings.

Mr Kipling first introduced his French Fancies to Britain in 1967 and they are perfect with a cup of tea and the strawberry flavour are perfect now that the sun has come out.

So pop the kettle on and open a package today!

They are available from most major supermarkets from now until the end of August and will have a RRP of £1.00.

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