Sunday, 16 June 2013

Cake Masterclass with Eric Lanlard - thanks Total Greek Yoghurt

Would I like to attend a cake Masterclass with French Master Patissier Eric Lanlard? Of couse I would!! As part of their 30th birthday celebrations Total Greek Yoghurt asked Eric to show us how to make a delicious and stunning cake.

My daughter-in-law Miss Donna has just started a baking blog and she was so excited to be asked along as well. This was Miss Donna's first blogging event and judging from her enjoyment it won't be her last!

What I never expected was to be settled at a work station with all the ingredients set out to make a cake just like the one Eric demonstrated to us.

There were two cakes already made, whipped cream, Total Greek Yoghurt (well it was their 'do'), an ouzo sugar syrup, a wonderful selection of fresh fruit and beautifully thin white chocolate cigarillos.

Eric proceeded to show us how to turn these ingredients, as well as sharing some very useful hints and tips, into a stunning summer fruit masterpiece!

Eric sliced the cake into thin layers, brushed a sponge with the ouzo syrup, pipped a mixture of whipped cream and Total Greek Yoghurt onto the sponge, layer of raspberries, a bit more cream and start again. You can make three or four layers and then stick the white chocolate cigarillos around the outside. Top with the fresh fruit and place some shards or gold leaf caramel in the top.

Tie a satin ribbon around it and as they say in France 'E Viola'!!

So off we went to our stations and followed what Eric had showed us and we created our own masterpiece! Here is mine and we were given a box to take it home! Cake heaven here I come!!!

Oh and of course it tasted as good as it looked - ummmm divine!

Thank you so much Total Greek Yoghurt for giving us the fantastic Masterclass with Eric Lanlard!

And by the way Happy 30th Birthday Total Greek Yoghurt!!

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