Thursday, 20 June 2013

It's Total Greek Yoghurt's 30th Birthday and What a Bash!!

When I was invited to attend the Total Greek Yoghurt's 30th Birthday Bash I was delighted to accept.

I was there first for a baking Masterclass with Master Patissier Eric Lanlard which in itself was amazing fun but when that was finished the decks were cleared and the venue turned into a charming Greek taverna for the rest of the evening.

We had a view of the new Total Greek advert celebrating the fact that Total Greek Yoghurt has been in the UK for 30 years! There have been many Greek style yoghurts to have followed but Total Greek is the only one made in Greece and without any additives or flavours.

Up next was a cooking demo by acclaimed cook, cookbook writer and TV presenter Tonia Buxton who took us step by step through a Greek starter, main especially suitable for a BBQ but can be prepared indoors and a beautifully simple dessert.

The dessert was the most simple ice-cream recipe you can imagine. It was a rose petal and yoghurt ice cream and even though two of the ingredients were a bit more unusual (the rose water and the rose petal jam) you can get them in bigger supermarket branches in the UK.

Two essential ingredients and they are both available in the UK
Mixture ready for the freezer to emerge as ice-cream
Following the cooking demonstration there was plenty of time to chat and get up to date with fellow bloggers, music, plenty of drinks (including some Total Greek inspired cocktails) and loads of lovely canapes all inspired by Greece and Total Greek Yoghurt.

Fig and Feta Cheese tartlettes

Smiling daughter-in-law and fellow blogger Miss Donna

The highlight of the celebrations was a magnificant cake produced by Eric Lanlard specifically for the occasion.  There was enough to go around and loads left over for the Total Greek Yoghurt office staff to have for breakfast the next day! Well, cake does make the best breakfast!!

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