Thursday, 20 June 2013

British Berry Bonanza - Thanks Tesco

There is no memory like picking wild fruit as a child and my mother making jam that afternoon. Every year when I buy fresh berries at the peak of their ripeness that memory comes flooding back and last night I was invited to Tesco's Hatfield store to an evening of berries, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and blackberries. A virtual berry bonanza!

We were welcomed with a drink of fizz and chatted to each other and some Tesco staff before being seated and introduced to Tesco's world of berries.

A fascinating talk about how Tesco sources the berries we find on their shelves and the different types of each berry.  For instance each berry is on their shelves within 24 hours of picking to ensure we can buy them at their peak.

Berries are judged by aroma, texture and taste and appearance.  The strawberries (of which there are 35 varieties in the UK) are sorted into three categories; Finest (as in selection A) Everyday Value and Standard (as in selection C).  There is even a Berry Technologist in the company to make sure we get the best fruit!

We were tasting the three categories on their own and also with different toppings such as single cream, sugar, icing sugar, clotted cream (my favourite!), as well as unusual tastes like black pepper and balsamic vinegar! All providing a different taste experience.



My daughter Caroline, also a blogger attended the event with me as did smallest grandson but he slept through the whole thing!

And if all those berries wasn't enough to make our day there was a Summer Berry Tart with Lemon Cream made up for us to try and it was absolutely delicious (glad to say our goodie bag contained all we need to make this recipe up at home). You can make this lovely summery pudding too by clicking on the above link.

And for the future? Look out for some new berries due in our shops this year; Mac Black Raspberry, Kiwi Berries and Aronia Berries (great for jam).

Thanks Tesco for a berry lovely evening, a great goodie bag and gift card. All the photos, opinions and thoughts are my own.

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