Friday, 28 June 2013

This little Wiggie went to market!

I was invited to the launch meal of a new pop-up restaurant near to St Paul's Cathederal. It is called Wiggies.

Wiggies has taken up residence for six months upstairs in the Rising Sun pub in Carter Street EC4 in London. The theme is pork and all dishes contain some.

My friend Val came with me and upon arrival we were sat at a table for four and told we would be sharing the table. A lovely young couple joined us and after introductions we all chatted right through the meal.  We had a lovely cocktail made primarily of tequila and lime juice.

We were given a cocktail as we sat down. The starter was a Black Pudding Cappucino! Sounded weird but in fact was delicious!

Second was a ham hock terrine with crackling dusted butternut squash, crispy pigs ear and rhubarb relish. The terrine was so tasty and really tender.  The rhubarb relish was sweet and spicy.

Following on from that we were served a seared scallop with hot smoked pork belly and ham hock, asparagus and pea shoots. The pork belly was so delicately smoked and the scallops lovely and tender.
The final course was an apple and cardamom pork fat crumble galette with mango lassi sauce. This was my favourite (I am a pudding person really!). I kept dreaming of the taste and texture of this all the way home.
Each course was tastier than the one before it. I was eating slowly to make the pleasure last as long as possible! The atmosphere was vibrant and full of chatter, like a very big family gathering.

Thank you Wiggies for inviting me and Val to experience this lovely meal. I hope to return before your six months are up.


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  1. Did you enjoy the pig's ear? I have tried pig's ear before (on holiday in Lithuania, where it is popular as a bar snack), and I can tell you it's horrible! Gristly cartilage and rubbery "meat"...