Sunday, 16 June 2013

Unconventional Trifle

I wanted to use up some of the left over cake from the Total Greek Yoghurt cake Masterclass (not being one to sanction waste) and thought a trifle a perfect idea.

I put pieces of cake in the bowl, poured a decent amount of sweet sherry over it and sliced a punnet of strawberries over the top.

Raspberry jelly allowed to cool slightly and poured over the top. Put in the fridge overnight to set.

I have always made my custard in a pan on the stove but noticed microwave instructions on the pack so decided to try it. I will be going back to the conventional stove top method in the future. The custard refused to set and stayed unset.

With unset custard I decided to be unconventional and put the whipped cream on the trifle and pour the custard over the top when serving.

Looked strange but tasted absolutely lovely, sometimes you gotta think outside the box!!

1 comment:

  1. Ah didn't have trifle for quite some time. So I would appreciate even strange looking. The taste is the thing!